Leighton Feldman

Real Estate Litigation


Disputes Over Title to Property

"Title" refers to the ownership of real estate as reflected in the county land records. Leighton Feldman is experienced at handling various types of disputes involving title to real estate.  

For example, if your real property is encumbered by an improper lien, you may be able have it removed by filing what is called a “quiet title” action.  In addition, if you discover a defect in your title and made a claim against your title insurance policy that has been improperly denied, you may have a cause of action against your title insurer.

Concealed Defects to Property

When you buy property, the Seller generally completes a disclosure form regarding the condition of the property. Even if you had a home inspection done, if you purchased a property and later discovered a concealed defect or material omission, you may have a fraud or Consumer Fraud Act claim.

Disputes with Homebuilders and Contractors

Leighton Feldman handles construction litigation and arbitration matters on behalf of contractors and owners in the residential context.  Our experience covers the following types of matters:

  • Defective workmanship and installation
  • Contract disputes
  • Consumer Fraud Act Violations
  • Construction lien disputes
  • AAA Arbitration

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