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Entity Formation

Even small businesses can benefit from registering with the State as an entity. We can help you choose an S-Corp, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, or other form that will best serve your needs.

Organization & Shareholder Agreements

If more than one person will have an ownership interest in the business, then it is always best to have the guiding principles written down to delineate responsibilities, duties, and benefits.  We facilitate conversations about issues you may not have discussed, prepare documents tailored to your needs, and assist you to follow the requirements of those agreements.

Executive Employment Contracts

Formalizing the role of principals or adding outside talent is a great boost to your business.  We can help draft agreements that fairly compensate executives while protecting your business goals.

Trade Secrets & Confidentiality Agreements

Before you share your ideas, inventions, or customer lists with the world, make sure you protect yourself.  We can work with you to draft agreements that protect your business proposals and later prepare non-compete agreements  and restrictive covenants that limit future competition.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are looking to lease or purchase space, we can assist you with the negotiation and drafting of any contracts, through conclusion of the deal.

Asset Purchase/Sale

If you are looking to buy or sell equipment or customer lists from another business, we can help make sure your transaction goes smoothly.

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