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Purchase/Sale of Real Estate


Buying a Home

Buying a home is a major investment that is filled with pitfalls. Experienced professionals, including a realtor, home inspector, and attorney, can reduce the risks of your investment. At Leighton Feldman, we will modify a realtor-prepared contract to protect your interests, negotiate any concerns that arise in the inspection, work with the mortgage bank and title company to resolve any questions, and ensure that everything runs smoothly to closing.

Selling Your Home

When selling your home, an experienced attorney can make the process smoother. Beginning with modifying the realtor-prepared contract to protect your interests and negotiating the inspection contingency, we will look out for you. When representing sellers we keep an eye on deadlines to move the matter to closing while working to resolve any title questions that arise. Before closing, we prepare all transfer documents and review the financial statements to ensure every dollar is correctly counted.

New Construction

Buying a new construction home is a different process than the typical resale home. Builders are often based out-of-state and present pre-printed contracts that present rigid requirements on Buyers. There are building deadlines and questions that arise during the process. Having an experienced real estate attorney can answer your questions and ease your worry as you embark on this process.

Short Sales, Foreclosures & REOs

When a homeowner is underwater on a mortgage, the bank may move in to sell the property. For a Buyer, this could be an opportunity to get a great deal on a house.

A short sale allows the homeowner to list the property with a realtor subject to the bank's approval of the contract price. A foreclosure is where the bank is going through the process to sell the property at sheriff's sale and a Buyer can buy it at auction free of any liens. A REO is a bank-owned property that has already gone through the foreclosure process.

If you are interested in purchasing a property through one of these non-traditional routes, talk to an attorney at Leighton Feldman to see how we can help.

Private Party Transactions

Have you negotiated a deal to buy or sell property without a realtor? If so, you will need a contract to memorialize that agreement. At Leighton Feldman, we can prepare the contract and help guide you through the process to closing.

Correcting a Deed

If you need to update a deed to add or remove an owner, correct a name, or update other information, we can assist you to get the new deed drafted and properly recorded.

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